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Our Lay Leadership

Beaver Memorial is under no delusion about the fact that church administration can be slow-moving and convoluted. So, in an effort to streamline decision-making and make administrative processes more efficient, we have made the decision to implement a new Simplified Accountable Structure. 

Put simply, the S.A.S. collapses all current administrative committees down into a single leadership board which meets regularly to make decisions about the vision and mission of the church. This allows us to free up the majority of the church body to actually do the work of ministry instead of being tied down to one committee or another. 

The leadership board officers, and the years they will rotate off, are as follows: 

Lay Leader: Lorna Curry


Grace Mahon (Board Chair)

Melissa Morgan

Doug Hess


Travis Curry

Martha Root

Nancy Shinn

David Deibler- Gorman

Patty Johnston

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