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Thanks to everyone’s generous donations, we have been able to complete our intended renovations in order to preserve and modernize our building. We are very close to meeting our $550,000 goal. If you would like to contribute, please contact us. Your gift is tax deductible.

Our Progress


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Some of Our Renovations

Roofing of Church, Parsonage and Carriage House ($145,400) A sound roof is essential to any structure, protecting its contents and occupants from the elements and as in the case with our roof, when there were leaks, there were problems. The old roofing of the three buildings was approximately 35 years old. Leaks caused plaster degradation in multiple areas of the ceilings in the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, the 2nd floor church offices, as well as in the attic of the Parsonage. The roof has been fully replaced and the new shingles resist fading and UV penetration as well as carry a 100 year warranty, ensuring that little thought will need to be given to the roof for many years.

New Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall A/C ($31,437) In addition to significantly improving the overall comfort of both the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, the new Air Conditioning system has dramatically improved the energy efficiency, has reduced our carbon footprint, and allows us to manage our energy usage much more efficiently. The ability to offer a consistently comfortable space in which to celebrate and continue to do God’s work allows our church to welcome future members, expand our ministries and improve our stewardship of the building, its contents, and our financial resources.

Stained Glass Window Project ($36,189) The leaded glass windows of Beaver Memorial are some of the most stunning works of art in Central Pennsylvania; to say they are irreplaceable is an understatement. Tempered glass has now replaced the current Plexiglass coverings, which were installed more than 20 years ago and have deteriorated to the point where not only are the leaded glass windows hidden from view from outside of the building, and the light streaming into the Sanctuary was greatly diminished. The former coverings were also beginning to damage the lead of the stained glass due to trapped moisture between the Plexiglass coverings and the delicate windows. The tempered glass now allows visibility of the beauty of the stained glass from both the inside and the outside of the building.

Sanctuary Painting and Ceiling Repairs ($28,640) Our Sanctuary walls and ceilings were last painted in 1959 – 10 years before man first stepped foot on the moon! Due to damaging water infiltration from the deteriorating roofing situation, the ceiling plaster was repaired in several areas prior to painting. Once the roof was replaced and the plaster repairs completed, the Sanctuary walls and ceiling received a well-deserved and refreshing makeover in a warmer, more inviting color.

Sanctuary Lighting & Electrical Upgrade ($68,542) Knob and tube wiring is now a thing of the past at Beaver Memorial! The remnants of this outdated electric wiring system was replaced. Additional lighting was installed to enhance the worship experience, including recessed ceiling lighting. Our stunning chandeliers have been returned to their former glory and all lighting controls are consolidated into one location. Now all lighting used is high-efficiency long-life LED bulbs with dimming capability to not only enhance worship services, but save money on monthly utilities as well.

Sanctuary Flooring ($41,220) If our floors could talk they’d be saying the same things the walls did back in 1959 when they were last painted because that is the same year our current carpet was installed. The former maroon carpeting throughout the Sanctuary was threadbare in many places, torn at the edges leading up to the Chancel, and in disrepair in the choir loft. As part of an overall Sanctuary renovation, the flooring was returned to its original exposed pine in the main area. Reflecting back to our church’s original design, oak flooring was installed in the Chancel along with complementing carpet down each aisle and up the center of the Chancel to the Altar.

Exterior Lighting ($13,099) To see us is to love us. New exterior lighting has been installed to create a welcoming and enhanced presence to the outside of the building. The lighting, which is automatically controlled for energy efficiency, will both highlight Beaver Memorial’s extraordinary architectural features as well as provide safety and security for access to and from the building.

Kitchen Renovation ($56,500) While we are spiritually nourished in many ways and works both inside and outside the church, it is the church kitchen where the nourishment of our bodies and those in need begins. Whether it is the preparation and serving of food for fellowship activities or the staging ground for our outreach ministries, the church kitchen is central to insuring the needs of both our church family and the community at large. The two previous kitchen areas were renovated into one larger, more open area and now allow for expanded community outreach as well as church, youth and group fellowship. This project, along with upgrades to the Fellowship Hall, have assisted us to better serve all God’s children, both within our church walls and within our community.

Fellowship Hall Lighting & Electrical Upgrade ($26,011) This project now enhances events, meetings and programs already taking place as well as allow for expansion and improvement of our community outreach. Additional fellowship, educational and youth activity opportunities can now be possible be possible at BMUMC. Cracks in the ceiling were patched, and like our sanctuary, this area has also received energy efficient lighting and LED track lighting with dimming capabilities and a centralized lighting control panel.

Fellowship Hall Flooring ($10,489) The previous carpeting in the Fellowship Hall was in place for approximately 25 years, was badly stained, required deep cleaning twice a year, and was in dire need of replacement. The new carpeting that has been installed has been coated with scotch-guard to provide stain-resistent protection for years to come.

Parsonage Electrical Upgrade ($5,908) The Parsonage was wired with 200 amp service, which was partially upgraded 30 years ago. The upgrade replaces the mixture of knob and tube wiring, ensures all outlets are up to code, and increases service to 400 amp, which now allows the separation of once overloaded circuits.

Parsonage Siding ($7,822) The wooden siding is original to the building which was built in 1888 and was loose, broken or missing in several places prior to the renovation. The new lap siding has been installed and will serve to secure and preserve this structure for decades to come.

Parsonage A/C ($10,378) Installation of a new A/C system has increased the energy efficiency of the building by eliminating old systems, including several window units throughout the structure. Installing one central system allows for better stewardship of this historic building.

List of Donors

A special thank you goes out to all of our generous donors. Without their support, our project would not have been possible.

Ruth and Emerson Abram
Thomas and Keri Albright
Barbara and Roger Allison
Martha Anderson
Richard and Amy Armstrong
Don and Peggy Baumgartner
Loella Bishop
Christy Brouse
Sean and Bridgette Black
Vivian Confer
James Dieffenderfer
Manuel and Gale Duque
Walt and Nancy Everett
Marion Foster
Kevin and Heidi Gilmore
Angela and Brian Gockley
Audrey and Ralph Hibbs
Myrtle Hogan
Milton House
Lois Jones
Cyndy and Doug Kister
David and Kristen Koconis
Tom and Priscilla Lanks
Scotta Magnelli and Robert Lack
Bill and Betty Marlow
Kathy and Craig McKibben
Ken and Sally Moore
Leslie and Patrick Murphy
Karen Nicholson
William Nunn
Scott and Carol Peterson
Charles and Martha Root
Charles and Madge Schworer
Kerry Shirk
Kevin Small and Mark O’Brien
Michael and Rachel Smith
Norma Spriggle
Mary Suttles
Collis Thorn
Barb and Dave Wagner
Pauline Walker
Ann Wright
Jane Yorks

Bill and Betty Adams
John and Judy Albright
Jane and Lauren Amacher
Marian Anderson
Chris Arnold and Jennifer Huff
Jan Bender
Judy Bertram
Connie Cammer
Gary and Robina Cronrath
John and Barbara Dromazos
Christy Emigh
Seneca and Rebecca Foote
Bob and Sandy George
Andrew Gibbons
Emily and Mark Haussmann
Timothy Hogan
Lois Huffines and Dave Vernon
Dave and Lois Hunter
Hood and Patty Johnston
Nick and Sharon Klose
Kathy Kroupa and Cassie Arroyo
Steve and Barb Leauber
Retta Lincicome
Owen, Grace, and Olivia Mahon
Leona Martin
Tom Miller and Katie Fairweather
Eustacia Muir and Rob Jacob
Miriam Naugle
Nancy Nickles
Michael and Gail O’Keefe
Loretta Roberson
Tim and Ann Running
Larry and Nancy Shinn
Graham and Abigail Showalter
Jeane and Bruce Smay
Lynda and Tucker Smith
David Straub
Peter and Brenda Terrell
Lisa and Joe Tranquillo
Marjorie Walker
Katie Weller
Carolyn Wuerderman